Life in the Electric City

Driving through Saratoga Springs, heading to my destination in Toga there is always a bit of excitement for the elegance, prestige, and chic-ness associated with events in Saratoga.   This Saturday evening was no different.  From about a block away, I knew that I was entering Electric City.   The excitement and bold presence brought on by the extreme lighting set outside of  Universal Preservation Hall was intense and marked the spot of where Electric City was on the Saratoga map.  Immediately I knew I was in Electric City!

Once inside Universal Preservation Hall, I was amazed by the Renaissance feel of this historic church.  The elegant archways and amazing details in each column, archway, and balcony eluded to the feeling of being in an Italian cathedral.  The grace and elegance of these details, partnered with the brick and stone backdrop of the alter, the large industrial style runway, and the deep red mood lighting gave the absolute feeling that something amazing was about to happen!

The excitement and energy of the night was mastered by DJ Nathan Da Great who keep the music selection fun, eclectic, and full of energy.  There was not a moment when someone wasn’t bopping to the music at UPH!  And not only did we bop to DJ Nate,  special performer and hip hop producer Dirty Moses performed to bring the excitement to the extreme.

Now to get to the style, fashion, and super talented designers of the night…

It is hard to pick a favorite designer from Electric City.

I loved all of the white looks from Gamakache Black, an obvious contradiction from the designer’s name!  Each piece designed by Margaret Persuad had an incredibly perfect fit and silhouette.  Each had attitude and demanded grace.  My love for Margaret’s designs happened from all of the amazing detailing!  I loved the strategically placed bows, unexpected low backs vs the high neck of the fur jacket, cutouts, and asymmetrical arm.  The whimsical elegance, mixed with sexy yet classy fit of Margaret’s designs is stunning.  Margaret captures what ever woman wants to portray, a stylish and stunning woman, commanding attention from every angle.

Next up was Saratoga native designer, Kristina CollinsKristina designed this collection for “real women, making a real difference, women on a mission, the go-getters.”  She designs for the kind of woman that isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, yet always want to look stylish and polished and ready for the next challenge ahead.  This is the epitome of how most women want to look on a daily basis, yet find it challenging to do.  The simple yet chic ease of Kristina’s collection will help you to be the most stylish woman on the go!  My faves from Kristina are the trouser short and the knee length trench coat…Must haves for any stylish woman on the move.

Behida Dolic Millinery showed an amazing collection of eclectic and one of a kind spring and summer hats.  With track season just around the corner, there is no reason every woman should not check out Behida’s collection.  Behida’s collection reminded me of the Carrie Bradshaw days when wearing an amazing hat and basic, yet stylish jumpsuit, was the norm.  A time when we didn’t have to explain our fashion choices to anyone, yet everyone understood how incredible these looks really were.  Thank you for your resurgence of the unspoken and beyond borders designs!

‘e ko logic manufactures  their clothing through the hunt, dismantle, and design of recycled clothing.  Each piece is unique.  You will never find another exactly the same piece worn on anyone else.  Wearing  ’e ko logic, you will be the king or queen of exclusive fashion.  My most favorite traits of the design, Kathleen Tesnakis’, are her ability to incorporate modern style and trends, such as color blocking, yet keep the unique sense of style that comes with creating recycled clothing and the use of color.  I simply adore how Kathleen mixes and blends fabrics, textures, and most of all colors in her designs.  For a unique look and to support our environment through your wardrobe, you simply must check out the ‘e ko logic collection!

I was beyond excited to see the looks of designer, Jane Wilson Marquis.  As a former dancer and movement instructor, I could not wait to see how she incorporated her knowledge of a woman’s body and how it moves, into her designs.  And she did not disappoint.  Her couture looks started out with “Toppers”, specialized custom jackets and vests.  The detail in these Toppers is incredible.  Both because of the specialized detailing and fabrics and because of the cuts and lines in the Toppers’ silhouettes.  Next we saw stunning couture gowns, which lead into her bridal gown finale.  The excess fabric and large roughing used by Jane were incredibly flattering. The skill and precision used to tame large amounts of fabric and create the massive bellowing beauty of Jane’s collection is outstanding.  Her skill and training shine through in each of her gowns.

Kim Vanyo, designer of Khymanyo Studiowas the headliner of the show.  And how exciting is this!?  Vocalist, Jill Hughesperformed for us just before Kim’s looks came out.  But wait, she kept going and sang and danced Beyonce’s “Uh-oh”  and got the crowd to their feet during the Khymanyo Studio’s show.  And on our feet is where we needed to be to show respect for the amazing line from Khymanyo Studio. Kim has embarked on a new venture under the label of KIMISM, the design and fabrication of trend setting skirts.  This is an amazing venture because skirts captures the essence and beauty of a woman’s figure and shape, while allowing her a feminine and professional persona.  However, her skirts are not for the shy.  Kim manages to keep both long and short skirts, super classy and a bit sassy.  The long lines created by fabric, color, or slits draws our eye to the amazing shape of a woman’s frame.  While the mixed bright tones she selects for fabrics are both interesting and conversational.  Kim’s line accomplishes just what she set out to do, establish etiquette and dignity in a feminine and flattery style.  Women won’t forget to wear the skirt if they have anything this gorgeous in their closet.

The show had a great energy level and excitement factor from beginning to end.  The hair and makeup team lead by Claire Harris, had each model (selected by Alyssa Hardy) looking breath taking.  The work of putting on such a tremendous fashion show in size and caliber is no small task.  The producer and ECC team leader, Corey Aldrich has a huge job on his hands.  I, for one, am so excited that he and his team continue to grow and shine light on the fashion culture of Upstate NY.  Looking forward to seeing you in Electric City again soon!  (Photos by Studo di Luce,

Stay tuned to Style Abby for more upcoming events dedicated to enhancing the Fashion Culture of Upstate NY!